What is a compression latch?

What is a compression latch?

A compression latch is a type of latch mechanism that is commonly used in various applications where a tight, secure seal is required. Compression latches are often found in industrial equipment, automotive applications, and in marine environments.

Compression latches typically consist of a body attached to a moving panel or door and contain a cam lever that can be used to engage a non-moving or fixed panel. Once the door is closed, the cam lever is securely fastened to the back of the fixed panel, holding the two securely together.

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The importance of compression latch

Compression latches and other point-of-contact solutions are often overlooked, but these products play a critical role in the overall application. Compression latches have the ability to make a significant impact on the performance, ergonomics and safety of an industrial product or application.

Compression latches are mechanical closures that are used in applications where a sealed closure and protection of the component is required. Compression latches are used in many different industries because the ability to seal the frame around the latch makes the compression latch a useful closure option. Areas such as computer and electronic equipment, industrial equipment and machinery, electronic enclosures, vehicle systems and construction equipment all use one form or another of compression latch to seal and protect.

Security is important in many applications, with the option of non-locking, key-locking or tool-locking compression latches. fornd can also provide single or multiple key codes to enhance the security of an application or provide a padlock for the user.

The importance of compression latch

Advantages of compression latch

Compression latches seal out dust, water and even moisture from the environment by compressing the gasket between the door and the panel opening. This is especially true when it comes to motors and telecommunication equipment, which are often sensitive to water and dust. Most industrial door latches are made of stainless steel or black powder coated zinc alloy, which gives them an IP65 rating, making them "dustproof" and waterproof.

Industrial machinery is rarely quiet, especially electrical enclosures, telecommunications equipment lockers, industrial generators and HVAC system components are sensitive to components and can cause vibration and noise. In any case, the absence of a protective gasket between the enclosure's door and the opening panel generates vibration and noise. Compression latches are the best choice for effective vibration and noise reduction because the gasket absorbs and neutralizes some of the vibration.

The compression latch is as easy to install as the regular cam latch. You may need some tools such as a drill, screwdriver, washers and screws, or rivets, if you are good with your hands, in less than 15 minutes.

Advantages of compression latch

Correct selection of compression latch

To select the ideal latch for your application, you must first consider how much compression is required. This usually depends on the amount of vibration the housing and latch must withstand and the size of the gasket being compressed. 

The physical environment may also pose a challenge to the latch, so in addition to selecting a latch based on application requirements, the environment must also be considered. For example, the external application must be able to withstand the elements and possibly even chemical exposures such as solvents or rain.

To ensure the full efficiency of the compression latch, it is important that the lock size matches the cutout in the door or panel when selecting the mounting cutout. After installing the cutout, the next step is to select the latch material and handle. Selecting a compression latch also means you can choose the type of key to be used. Round keys, tubular keys and flat keys are the most common, and depending on the type of locking mechanism or handle, accessories are selected.

Correct selection of compression latch
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Materials used to manufacture compression latches range from stainless steel, die-cast zinc or steel. While stainless steel latches are naturally durable and corrosion resistant, common finishes for other materials include chrome finishes and black powder coatings. The use of topcoats on compression latches can be used for both appearance and protection.

To accommodate a range of industrial OEM applications, the compression latch holds the door, panel or lid closed while compressing the gasket on the inside of the door to seal out moisture, dirt and dust. For electronic enclosures, the degree of compression required is governed by their NEMA or IP rating.

Panel latches, T-bolts, lift and turn latches, levers, vises, triggers and round latches are among the many variations of compression latches. Depending on the intended use of the latch, the amount of compression achieved is variable and can be pre-set or adjusted for greater flexibility.

Compression cam latches offered by FORND are made of exceptionally durable and reliable high-quality materials. These come in a variety of materials, types, colors, and finishes, featuring different locking and operating mechanisms and handle shapes.It is a trustworthy and strong factory.

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