A brief introduction to the characteristics of quarter turn locks | FORND

A brief introduction to the characteristics of quarter turn locks | FORND

Quarter turn locks can be customized to meet specific requirements, ensuring optimal functionality and accessibility. Different keying options, such as keyed-alike or master key systems, can be implemented to streamline access control for multiple locks. Moreover, the locks can be designed to accommodate various handle styles or ergonomic considerations, enhancing the user experience and making them suitable for individuals with specific needs.
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Standard Management System

FORND Promote and implement ISO9001 standard management system to reduce the impact and influence on the ecological environment.

Professional R&D Team

FORND excels with a robust R&D team, crafting cutting-edge industrial locks, electronic systems, hinges, handles, and latch solutions tailored for diverse industries.

Professional equipment production

 FORND With mature CNC machining, stamping, zinc and aluminum die-casting, injection molding, MIM and stainless steel casting production lines.

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 FORND Industrial cabinet locks, hinges and pulls have been sold to thousands of customers in over 70 countries to increase brand influence.

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Fornd Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and is located in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It is the largest industrial cabinet lock company in China at present, and its main products include industrial cabinet locks, electronic locks, hinges, pulls, latches, etc. It is also a comprehensive industrial manufacturing enterprise with mature CNC machining production line, stamping production line, zinc and aluminum die-casting production line, injection molding production line, MIM and stainless steel casting production line. There are 15 technical developers working on a permanent basis. To meet the needs of customers in various industries for hardware products.

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The importance of quarter turn lock

A quarter turn latch is a locking mechanism that comprises of a body and latch, and are ideal for enclosures, machine access panels and lockers. These quarter turn fasteners are also known by names such as turn latches, quarter turn latches and quarter turn locks, they are considered important access hardware solutions that are used across a wide range of applications.

These latches have a clean modern appearance, making them ideal for many latch applications including light cabinet doors and panels.

The importance of quarter turn lock

Characteristics of Quarter Turn Locks

Quarter turn locks are known for their straightforward operation, requiring only a 90-degree rotation to secure or release. They are typically compact in size, making them suitable for use in tight spaces. These locks are available in various materials such as stainless steel, brass, or zinc alloy, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. Additionally, quarter turn locks often feature key-operated or tool-operated mechanisms, providing an added layer of security to prevent unauthorized access.

Characteristics of Quarter Turn Locks

The flexibility of the quarter turn lock

Fornd quarter turns for single and multi-point applications are very flexible, allowing for installation into a single punch in most cases, and also include a variety of compression locks and safety quarter rings. fornd's quarter turns offer you a variety of different types of materials and sizes. Choose from pre-configured T- or L-handle quarter turns, or use the modular system to configure quarter turn materials, sizes, inserts, housings, seals and cams.

The flexibility of the quarter turn lock

Advantages of quarter turn lock

A quarter turn cam latch is a simple and economical way to keep small doors and lids closed without the need for a complex locking system.

Advantages of quarter turn lock
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Materials used to manufacture quarter turn latches range from stainless steel, die-cast zinc or steel. While stainless steel latches are naturally durable and corrosion resistant, common finishes for other materials include chrome finishes and black powder coatings. The use of topcoats on quarter turn latches can be used for both appearance and protection.

Quarter Turn Cam Latch can be used as a locking mechanism for numerous applications to hold closed all sorts, find the right product for your next project.

Quarter turn cam lock latches are available in a variety of types, T, L and wing handles as well as tool lock and key lock cam locks, perfect for many different applications, equipment and industries. 

Quarter-turn latches are simple and easy to use, with a multitude of possible applications. They can be combined with many types of handles and rods.Fornd corporation 1/4 turn cylinder cam locks have a variety of appearances, which meet the requirements of different functional installations in the industry. There are international standard tool type lock cores, double-wing handles, padlocks can be added, T-handles, different numbers of locks Heart type, knob type and special tool type lock cylinder.

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