Rotary Handle

This economical multi-point locking system is specially designed for the outdoor application of gasket sealing, which combines shape, performance and safety. The features of low flat handle, installation flexibility and adjustable adaptation provide attractive appearance and reliable performance for various telecom, electronic and industrial cabinets.

This heavy-duty crank lock design enhances vandalism and provides three engagement points, even when used for gasket compression in environmental sealing or EMI/RFI sealing applications. Multiple locking tab offset options provide great installation and adjustment flexibility. The unique 5mm real center compression handle of Sosco is partially recessed into the door, providing a simple cabinet surface. The pop-up handle is easy to operate, and the compression is released in two directions to open the door. Multiple locking options provide different levels of access control and locking security, Flexible key code distribution and management are provided for the end user. The link supporting door with a modular design can span up to 2 meters (78.7 "). The attractive aesthetic and ergonomic design provides a high-end appearance and feel.

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