Handle Style

It is used for anti vibration, sealing and installation with high quality requirements, and can be closed quickly and safely. The Fornd locking mechanism combines a variety of lock body and lock head designs to meet specific installation and application requirements.

The locking tab is fixed behind the door frame and tensioned with a continuous 180 degree rotation. The compression movement correspondingly pulls it upwards for more than 5 mm to provide auxiliary protection during sealing and help reduce or eliminate noise or impact sound caused by vibration. Eccentric locking prevents accidental opening due to shaking or vibration. Six types of lock body styles are suitable for various door/panel thicknesses, spacing ranges, drive types and internal protrusions. Easy to operate handles and pull handle drives are available. More than 45 types of key drives and tool drives are available for quick and easy opening, Prevent damage Low plane and embedded installation Prevent uneven panel surface Provide fixed spacing and adjustable spacing Two types of models Meet NEMA 4 and IP-65 Single hole installation Make installation more convenient Compact design Short lock sleeve for space limited applications

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