Sealed Lever Latch

It provides a more fashionable option that can achieve compression sealing and simple spacing adjustment. It integrates the functions of door lock and door handle, and can be opened with or without keys and tools to improve security.

Streamlined appearance and simplified operation make this compression door lock an ideal choice because highly exposed installations require a safe, sealed setting. The compression movement pulls the door tight to avoid friction and wear of the latch or door frame. Push the button to eject the handle for use in NEMA 4 and IP-66 applications, when installed with an optional edge gasket. The installation parts are suitable for various door thicknesses. The adjustable screws and stop nuts with threads provide the necessary space adjustment that changes with time. The rubber washer type can provide better compression function and reduce vibration, wear and noise. The embedded installation design that is simple to install into rectangular holes makes us unable to see the protruding fasteners.

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