Heavy Duty Lift & Turn Compression Latches

Durable structure, simple mechanical operation and stable pulling and compression provide comfortable and easy closing for heavy load applications in off-road equipment or industrial equipment. The T-shaped handle provides enough grip space for end users who wear heavy work gloves, and there is hardly any protrusion after folding.

This durable door lock, from its sturdy stainless steel spindle to its easy to grip T-shaped handle, is designed to ensure stable operation in heavy load applications. Although the heavy diesel engine may vibrate, or the potholed terrain may cause impact, its intuitive leverage mechanism can form sufficient compression to firmly hold the door in place to prevent impact. There are a variety of sizes available, which can provide a large number of different door panel sizes with corresponding strength, spacing and a suitable stable pull-up compression rate of 6 mm (0.24 inch) for comfortable fit, which is conducive to shock absorption and noise reduction. A variety of tongue turning options and adjustment functions are applicable to various relative "door to frame" sizes. The N2 with standard housing size is as simple as the door panel used for the Sosco N4 door lock, and it is easy to replace.

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