L Handle Lock

This kind of door lock can be driven by only 1/4 turn, which is fast and simple to open, and provides L-shaped large torque drive mode. The flex latch provides a retention device that minimizes vibration and deflection.

The concise design provides simple installation through a single hole and a single retaining nut. The pre assembly design makes it easy to install when the distance is larger than the panel thickness. Install the locking tab with a single screw at the end of the drive bolt. Multiple offset latch options, The slope of the rotary latch can provide about 2 mm (. 08 ") when closed to meet the requirements of different locking safety performance The compression capacity of the press type door lock can freely rotate from the closed position when contacting the door frame or the retainer. A complete spring push rod cam can return to the engagement position when the cam leaves the retainer. The flat type series provides a smooth tapered head type. The standard series provides more head types, environmental seals and spring type lock bodies to obtain more ideal spacing tolerance and seismic resistance.

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