Safety Lock

Provide personalized latch lock with high quality look and feel. Chromium alloy and black powder coating provide first-class personalized appearance. Whether wing drive or key lock drive is used, the attractive stop setting ensures reliable engagement.

The zinc alloy die cast lock housing has two basic lengths, and has a variety of structures and style options. It provides a large number of tongue type door lock schemes to adapt to the compression type locking without the need. The sealing model conforms to NEMA-4 and IP-66 standards. The removable lock liner design provides additional key codes. The model selection uses the same key codes as other Francois locks. It greatly facilitates the overall installation and provides smooth and consistent operation. It has an obvious locking stop prompt function to achieve a series of access control requirements. Manual, tool and key drive provide clockwise and counterclockwise rotation for the left hand door and the right hand door.