Grabber Catch Latches

To obtain additional door closing force, the spring latch inside such small door lock can be used, which may realize upper eccentric locking. The built-in pull-up type provides pressure to prevent the door from loosening or colliding with the door frame. The built-in microswitch provides additional functionality.

The locking function is completed in a relatively flat device, 13.7mm (. 54 ") thick. The upper eccentric action will tighten and lock the door, and release it when pulling to open the door. The door lock can be installed in any orientation; mark the auxiliary lock and retainer to match the appropriate orientation installation option, so that you can install the door lock handle on the surface or side of the door frame. All models provide three coordinated pull options: 13N (3 lbs.), 22N (5 lbs.) and 44N (10 lbs.) All models are corrosion resistant materials.