Rotary Latches

These robust locking solutions provide rotary drive safety for heavy-duty equipment and vehicle door panels, as well as the ease of operation of push on door locks The compact design provides hidden operation. The fault-tolerant tolerance in the closing position makes it possible to close the door panel with a small operating force and provide a safe temperature lock.

Durable materials, anti-corrosion coating and strong structure make this lock suitable for harsh environments. The mechanism is easy to control, and a variety of driving options make the lock suitable for different types of installation methods Compact door lock design, ultra-thin doors with consistent cross section, and the minimum allowable interface position deviation of the protrusion outside the box is especially suitable for bending or when the long door plate is in the closed position, the door lock completely encloses the steel sheet bolt, firmly grasps and protects the metal structure, which is durable Durable performance Robust steel latch and trigger ensure durable locking Stainless steel plate is used for yachts and engineering vehicles Application of anti-corrosion surface treatment to minimize the risk of rust on the operation of locks or stained door panels Many styles support single and multi-point cable or mechanical remote drive.