5G Communication Technology

Fornd Solutions provides secure access solutions for 5G network providers to meet industry standards and NEMA, IP, and UL type ratings, while adding value to the design, manufacturing, and product evaluation processes. 5G network providers can meet strict security requirements and ensure the security and reliability of their network systems.

Car luggage rack

Roof racks are a super simple way to maximize the load carrying capacity of your vehicle. Fornd's relationship with the automotive roof rack industry spans decades of experience and innovation, and our proven solutions continue to serve as a platform for developing new cutting-edge products and next-generation technologies that take the customer experience to a new level of enhanced ease of installation and safe driving.


Fornd's aerospace solutions have applications throughout the entire aircraft, from the cockpit to the cabin. Our products aim to improve the cabin experience and leave a lasting impression on airline passengers, providing high-quality products and services, improving the flight experience of passengers, and enhancing the competitiveness of airlines.

Marine Vessels

Fornd provides a comprehensive, reliable, and practical hardware and positioning solution for the shipbuilding industry to meet the various needs of customers. These solutions can not only improve the performance and safety of ships, but also enhance customer business efficiency and competitiveness.


Engineered access solutions help self-service equipment manufacturers achieve high standards of equipment performance, usability and security while adding value to their aesthetic design. In short, Fornd understands self-service applications

Railway transportation

Fornd offers a broad portfolio of products designed to enhance travel comfort and passenger safety, while also improving cabin safety and operator efficiency for a variety of train interior and exterior applications. As a leading original equipment manufacturer of rolling stock and a trusted supplier to Tier 1 suppliers for decades, Fornd understands the unique requirements of the rail industry.

Off-Highway Machinery

Enhance the comfort, convenience and ergonomic performance of your off-highway equipment by providing engineered access hardware with intuitive user operation and rugged reliability.

Medical Equipment

Fornd has been helping medical device OEMs solve and overcome a variety of engineering challenges and is committed to providing customers with superior solutions to their product development and application challenges.

Server Data Center

Fornd's data center solutions provide access control and monitoring at the rack level, offering complete. comprehensive security system to control, monitor and track individuals from the building entrance to the devices that physically store sensitive data.

Electronics Industry

Fornd continues to deepen its research and development of locking product technologies dedicated to enterprise computing, exploring new application scenarios and technology trends, and providing customers with more efficient, reliable and smarter solutions.

Smart City

Fornds' locking hardware technology can provide solutions to enhance the security and reliability of city equipment, helping to ensure the safety of city residents and the security of property.

Charging equipment

Fornd's design access hardware, including locks, latches and hinges, helps electric vehicle (EV) charging manufacturers achieve high standards of equipment performance, availability and security, providing drivers with a seamless charging experience.

RV Camping Trailer Accessories

Camper shells were born out of real life needs and the need to provide viable solutions for adventure and work. Through innovative thinking and practical design, we've created the strongest, most durable and cost-effective products for your truck.

Freezer hardware

Fornd offers a powerful sealing function with a stainless steel compression handle quality accessory. When the handle is rotated, it can apply pressure to both the door panel and the door frame, creating a sealed condition. It is suitable for ships, ovens, freezers, biological laboratory equipment, medical equipment, automation equipment, etc.