Why Choose Fornd?

Rail Access: Innovation and Performance

Fornd offers a broad portfolio of products designed to enhance travel comfort and passenger safety, while also improving cabin safety and operator efficiency for a variety of train interior and exterior applications. As a leading original equipment manufacturer of rolling stock and a trusted supplier to Tier 1 suppliers for decades, Fornd understands the unique requirements of the rail industry.



Shortened Deliver Time

Reduce Transportation Costs

Decrease Carbon Emissions


Improving the safety of food and health care areas

T-handle lock - Camper shell security

4 Digit Combination Lock Round

Fornd participated in the "Safety Production Month" Fire Drill in Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone in 2023

RV Door Locks - Safeguard Your Next Adventure

Application of Seismic Lockout System Innovations in the Railway Industry

【Factory Inspection】-BYD delegation in-depth rigorous audit of the factory

CRRC Protects "Hangzhou" for Asian Games

Fornd luggage rack lock cylinder adds security to your rack system and cargo

The principle and application of outdoor electrical cabinet switch door lock