Hangzhou Asian Games is the largest and highest level international comprehensive sports event held in China in recent years, which has attracted the attention of the whole country and the whole world. During the event, rail transportation equipment such as "Fuxing" Asian Games Intelligent Locomotive, Hangzhou Metro Line 19 Asian Games Special Train and other rail transportation equipment made by China Railway crossed hills and rivers, linking up Hangzhou's urban rail network, linking up Hangzhou with neighboring co-hosting cities, escorting the Hangzhou Asian Games with China's speed and China's intelligence, and interpreting the beautiful vision of "Heart-to-Heart Integration, Love to the Future" with responsibility and perseverance. With responsibility and perseverance, the company interprets the beautiful vision of "Heart to Heart, Love to the Future".

As a leading rolling stock OEM and Tier 1 supplier for over a decade, Fornd understands the unique requirements of the railroad industry. From toolboxes to HVAC units, exterior and interior compartments, panels and fixtures require latching systems with a variety of seismic properties. Flanders' range of coat hooks and diverse hinges for different torque and space applications enhance user convenience and safety by keeping screens, armrests, headrests and drop down table tops at any desired angle.

The rail train running between the host city and the event venue will become a link of friendship and heart-to-heart, shining at the Hangzhou Asian Games event.

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