Corrosion resistant CNC door handles for machine tools are mainly classified as follows:

Stainless Steel Door Handles: stainless steel is a material with good corrosion resistance and is commonly used in the manufacture of door handles that require durability and rust resistance. Stainless steel door handles have an attractive appearance and good durability, and can withstand the corrosion and wear and tear common in the working environment of the machine tool.

Copper Door Handles: Copper has good corrosion resistance and antimicrobial properties, and is often used in locations where bacterial growth needs to be prevented. Copper door handles can be used in areas of the machine where cleanliness and hygiene are important to ensure operator safety and health.

Aluminium door handles: Aluminium is a lightweight, aesthetically pleasing material with good corrosion resistance. Aluminium door handles are suitable for machine tools that need to reduce weight and maintain their durability in wet or dusty environments.

Rubber Door Handles: Rubber is a resilient and non-slip material that is often used in door handle designs that require increased friction and grip. Rubber door handles are suitable for use in wet or oily environments on machine tools, providing better grip and operational stability.

These corrosion-resistant CNC door handles for machine tools have different material properties and applications, and choosing the right type of door handle for a machine tool's working environment can improve the durability and safety of your equipment.

Modified at: 2024-01-23 01:22:23