The annual meeting is one of the most important celebrations of Fornd, and it is also an event that employees are eagerly looking forward to. This annual meeting is not only an opportunity to review the past and look forward to the future, but also an excellent opportunity to unite the team and enhance the corporate culture.

In the annual meeting, every employee has the opportunity to show their talents, whether it is a well-prepared speech, passionate dance, or humorous skits, can let people see a vivid individual. The leaders of the company will also share the company's achievements and future plans with everyone on this occasion, so that the employees can feel the growth of the company and the hope for the future.

Of course, there are many interesting activities in the annual meeting, such as lucky draws and games, which make the employees feel the care and warmth of the company in the joy. These activities not only let employees release pressure, but also deepen their friendship and cooperation with each other, so that the whole team is more closely united together.

The annual meeting can not only motivate the staff's morale and enhance team cohesion, but also promote the construction of corporate culture. On this occasion, every employee can feel the company's care and support, as well as better understand the company's core values and vision. The creation of this cultural atmosphere is of inestimable value to the development and growth of the company.

In the preparation process of the annual meeting, every employee actively participates in the process, contributes ideas and works together to create a warm and joyful atmosphere. This spirit of cooperation is also the embodiment of corporate culture, which makes people more deeply aware of the power of teamwork.

All in all, on this occasion, everyone can feel the care and support of the company and better understand the core values and vision of the company. Let's look forward to the next annual meeting and create a better future together!

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