With the improvement of living standards, we are demanding more and more when choosing home products. Everyone should be very familiar with the use of electronic locks. So are you clear about the installation of electronic locks? Have you ever installed them yourself? Recently, I saw netizens asking about the installation of electronic locks, and Xiaobian also summarized it. Please refer to the following for specific installation knowledge.

  A, electronic lock installation instructions

  1. Fingerprint door lock is a high-tech product, and the application environment of the door lock plays an important role in the normal use of the door lock, especially in the environment where dust or air contains a high amount of corrosive substances, which will greatly affect the normal use of the door lock. Therefore, it is suggested that you should install the door lock after the room has been renovated, so as to facilitate the normal use of the door lock and extend its service life.

  2. After the door lock is installed and debugged, please register the administrator in time. In order to make it easier for you to use the fingerprint door lock better, we suggest that you back up and register a fingerprint or a set of passwords when registering fingerprints, so that you can open the door normally under unexpected circumstances such as fingerprint wear.

  3. The installation quality of fingerprint door lock directly affects the normal use and service life of the door lock. It is recommended that experienced personnel install it and install it in strict accordance with the company's installation standards, and it is not allowed to change it at will.

  4. Fingerprint lock is the perfect combination of the world's top biometric technology and the traditional electronic door lock. In order to make you feel its convenience and advanced, please read the operating instructions carefully and randomly before using it.

  Second, the electronic lock installation tools

  L electric drills with 8MM, 16MM, 20MM and 25MM bits randomly. L woodworking chisels, l flat screwdrivers, l quincunx screwdriver, l straightedge, l line drawing pens.

  Third, the electronic lock installation steps

  Select a suitable installation location, and paste the attached installation template on the door to ensure the smoothness of the paste.

  1. Scribing: Mark high lines on both sides of the door and the door frame. Mark the contour lines of relevant holes and the center line of round holes on the door according to the dimensions shown in the installation mold, and drill the installation holes according to the marked dimensions to start installing the door lock.

  2. Drilling: Drill 4 installation holes with 8MM, a wire passing hole with a diameter of 34MM and a square shaft hole with a diameter of 20MM with an electric drill and wood, and cut a concave table with a square hole of 25X50MM and 95X30X5MM at the door.

  3. Install the lock core: check whether each hole position of the lock body is consistent with the installation hole position, press it into the lock core if it is qualified, and then fasten it with screws. After completion, please check the ejection of the lock tongue.

  4. Install the outer lock body: pad the waterproof rubber pad, thread the wires through the holes and align the positions of the mounting holes. First, fix the front door body parts on the door with two screws through the mounting plate in the door.

  5. Install the rear lock body: connect the connecting wires of the front and rear lock bodies according to the correct interface, insert the wires into the socket of the rear lock body according to different connectors, then connect the knob square shaft, and ensure the reliable connection between the front and rear lock bodies and the lock core, and finally fix the rear lock body on the door with screws.

  6. Install the battery and battery cover: after the battery is put into the battery box in the correct positive and negative directions, close the battery cover.

  7. Function detection: After installation, check whether all relevant functions of the lock are normal with reference to the user manual.

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