Whether it's a road trip or a weekend trip to the woods, camper shells are one of the hot topics of the moment.

A camper shell, also known as a shell, hat or top, is a great addition to your truck, turning the traditional bare truck bed into a lockable, weatherproof space for storing the items you need. With locking handles on the tailgate and side windshield, it has the security and durability needed for functionality and style.

Fornd introduces the standard left and right T-handle 2-piece set for most new truck top doors, B-1110. T-handle lock is made of galvanized locking piece and ABS handle, strong and reliable, wear-resistant and durable, exquisite craftsmanship, rust, oxidation and corrosion resistant, and can be customized with more than 200 lock cylinder variations for security and anti-theft.

Hardware engineers cleverly designed T-handle installation takes only a few minutes, you can install one in the middle of the tailgate, or you can install two for the same camper shell tailgate or side windshield each, one for the left side and one for the right side, adjust the locking cam to ensure that the left lock rotates 90 degrees counterclockwise to unlock and lock clockwise, and the right lock rotates 90 degrees clockwise to unlock and lock counterclockwise state.

We also launched the same series of products B-1108, B-1109, B-1111 pop-up, B-1112, B-1201 T-handle locks, which are more widely applicable, not only as truck top, top cover, camper shell locks, but also for trailer, RV, car toolbox, power distribution box cupboard doors and other scenarios.

In order to create a solution that meets the requirements of a specific application, engineers may need to develop a custom type of door lock. Please contact Fornd to learn more about the various door lock types available. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about door locks and how they can meet your unique application needs.

Modified at: 2023-05-31 08:22:49