A combination lock is a lock that will only open when the correct combination of numbers or symbols are entered in the correct order. Combination locks are typically used to secure everything from lockers to luggage and safes. 4-digit combination locks are a type of combination lock that requires the user to enter a 4-digit code to open the combination lock.

A common type of four-position combination lock is the round combination lock. A round combination lock is a small, circular lock, usually made of metal or plastic. It has a dial with numbers from 0 to 9, and a locking mechanism that activates when the correct combination of numbers is entered.

To open a round combination lock, the user must first know the correct combination. The combination is usually set by the manufacturer or by the user himself, using a small reset button located on the back of the lock. Frande introduces a four-digit combination combination lock, which allows the combination code to be set freely for anti-theft effect, and also allows the use of a management key for authority management.


How to set the password?

The factory initial password is 0000, the lock body is in the open state, use the included code change tool, inserted into the code change hole, rotate 90 degrees clockwise to the set position, dial the number wheel, set the password, such as 6666, the password is set, use the code change tool, rotate to a fixed position, the new password is set.

How to find the password?

If you accidentally forget your password, you need to use the included emergency management key to insert and rotate 90 degrees, toggle the number wheel until the word wheel stops, then the lost password is found, the remaining number wheel and so on, after the operation is completed, rotate the key 90 degrees counterclockwise and pull out, now you can continue to use the recovered password or reset a new one.

One of the advantages of round combination locks is that they are relatively easy to use and do not require any keys. This makes them a popular choice for securing small items such as lockers or luggage, and they are also relatively inexpensive. All in all, the round combination lock is a simple and affordable 4 position combination lock that is an excellent choice for securing lockers and luggage.

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